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Nu Radiance DUET

Dentist Supervised Teeth Whitening System

Advanced, fast acting, sensitivity free formula.

  • Short 30-minute treatments
  • The “No” sensitivity teeth whitener
  • Fast acting, activated gel
  • Light mint flavor
  • Ask your dentist for Nu Radiance Duet

Product Details

If you experience teeth sensitivity or you have tried whitening before and have not been successful due to sensitivity issues, this is the whitener for you. Duet’s unique, activated gels are specially formulated to prevent sensitivity caused by teeth whitening. Requiring only 30 minute wear-times, you will see beautiful results in as little as 5-8 days with this sensitivity free formulation. Enjoy your beautifully renewed smile without concern of sensitivity during and after treatment.

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Dr. Parker"Over the past 27 years, I have personally tried various teeth whitening products only to be disappointed that my tetracycline stains never improved or to have serious sensitivity issues. I tried Nu Radiance DUET and in a matter of weeks, I went from a shade of C3.5 to a shade of A1 without any sensitivity issues!"— Dr. Stephen Parker, Vernon Hills Dental Center


Duet is an effective custom tray whitening gel for patients with sensitivity issues and those who desire a short wear-time.

This advanced formulation of carbamide peroxide mixed with the accelerator and hydrating agent within the syringe speeds up the whitening process, resulting in a more beautiful and whiter smile.

Each dual syringe has 5-6 complete applications for upper and lower teeth. Each segment marked on the syringe is the approximate dose for whitening one arch.

To whiten your teeth:

1. Remove the cap from Duet whitening gel syringe. Place the mixing tip onto the syringe, and twist to lock into place.

2. As the gels are dispensed, they will be blended by the mixing tip and activated. Do not pull back on the plunger; this can cause activation of the gel within the syringe.

3. Express a small dot ( actual size) into the deepest portion of each tooth compartment of the custom custom whitening trays. Place gel only in the tooth compartments that are in your smile (6 to 8 teeth across). Excess gel can lead to temporary irritation and discoloration of gum tissue.

4. Blot your teeth dry with a tissue.

5. Position the custom whitening trays containing whitening gel onto the teeth. Press carefully.
Pressing too hard will push whitening gel onto your gums and soft tissue. Avoid direct con-
tact of the Duet whitening gel with gums or soft tissue.

6. Remove excess Duet whitening gel with a cotton swab, tissue, or toothbrush.

7. After inserting upper and lower trays, place the white syringe bonnet over the mixing tip for storage. When reusing the mixing tip, purge a small amount ( actual size) and discard to clear the mixing tip.

8. Treatment times are:

Duet whitening gel 30 minute wear-time
Once a day or as directed by your dentist

9. Once treatment is completed, remove custom whitening trays. Brush teeth and custom whit- ening trays with toothpaste. Rinse well. Rinse custom whitening trays with room temperature water. Warm or hot water can distort and ruin custom whitening trays.

10. Place custom whitening trays into storage case.

Whitening will only improve your natural teeth. It will not change the shade of crowns, bridges, veneers, composite fillings, dentures or any other man-made material. If you are considering dental work, it is best to whiten your natural teeth first, and then your dentist can select the whiter shade for your restorative dentistry.

Results may vary

Final results may vary based on wear-time and frequency of applications. For best results, follow the treatments that your dentist recommends, the instructions listed in this pamphlet, and the "Tips for better whitening" section below.

Tips for better whitening

1. The best whitening results are achieved when patient maintains regular dental hygiene visits.

2. Do not smoke, eat or drink while wearing custom whitening trays.

3. Avoid the use of tobacco and food/beverages that are deep in color such as coffee, tea, red
wine, and colas during and up to 24 hours after a whitening treatment.
Possible side effects

Patients have reported sensitivity to cold during teeth whitening treatment and occasional gum irritation. A smaller number of patients have reported temporary discomfort during treatment such as tongue and/or lip soreness, throat irritation or moderate tooth pain. Sensitivity and tissue soreness usually subside within 1 to 3 days after treatment.
If you experience sensitivity or tissue irritation, you may skip whitening treatments until sensitivity subsides.

A dark or purple color may be seen in the dental trays after treatment. This occurs when whitening gel oxidizes the surface stains on amalgam (silver) fillings. This is normal and will not harm you, your amalgam filling, or your dental trays.

Store at temperatures not exceeding 73° F (23° C), protect from direct light, especially sunlight and heat sources. Refrigerate for long-term storage to maintain product stability. Do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of children.

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